Steampunk Observatory


Made for a World of Warcraft student contest.  I used Maya, Z Brush, and Photoshop.  It was fun and quite a lot of work.  I missed the turn in date due to a misunderstanding of the actual time, but this still rocks.  I’ll be brushing up on it more later when I have more time.  Add some dirt to the glass, rough up the base a bit, add more dramatic lighting, stuff like that.

For now, enjoy.


About karlasawyer

Wife, mother of four, and passionate artist, I am currently enrolled in Full Sail University in pursuit of a Bachelor's in Computer Animation. So far it's been a difficult but delightful road and in all honesty, I'm having a blast!

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  1. It was “quite a lot of work”? Looks more like it was hours and hours of painstakingly detailed labor… but a labor of love. Speaking of which, I love how this turned out, a fresh and original foray into steampunk. The details seem so varied and intrinsically unrelated (that glass passageway, those hornlike structures supporting the orb, the supersized telescope and its bulging lens), yet you manage to bring them all together into something both fantastically coherent and charmingly eccentric. Oh, and I’d love to own real-life examples of those lanterns at the base of the observatory. Truly, the missed deadline is WoW’s loss.

    • Thank you! Yes, it was quite a lot of work…I’d estimate about 30-40 hours worth. Now that I’ve done it, though I can do this way faster. Always learning! That’s what’s so great about this industry. There is always something more to learn, keeps things interesting for those of us who can’t go a single day without learning something new.

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