Angkor Temple Enviro WIP

Just a quick screenshot of the Game Art Creation temple that I did. This is before the IBL was finished, work in progress.


A shot from UDK, with shadows and foliage and sand added.  This is still a WIP, there are tons of things I want to polish on this one.  Indeed, this isn’t even a good shot.  The better shots are on my other computer, I’ll have to snag them soon and post them.


About karlasawyer

Wife, mother of four, and passionate artist, I am currently enrolled in Full Sail University in pursuit of a Bachelor's in Computer Animation. So far it's been a difficult but delightful road and in all honesty, I'm having a blast!

Posted on April 10, 2012, in Artwork. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. Looks nice and ancient, but I’m imagining it with some mist or fog. What does IBL stand for?

    And hey, in the UDK screenshot, it appears that your ammo clip isn’t full. What have you been shooting at??

  2. @ Ben Craig IBL stands for Image Based Lighting. Yes, it would look cool with mist or fog.

    Ha ha ha, I was shooting that stupid annoying tree. They’re dangerous, y’know. Great way to take out some frustration on assets that were annoying to make…or in the tree’s case, annoying to UV.

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