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Angkor Temple Enviro WIP

Just a quick screenshot of the Game Art Creation temple that I did. This is before the IBL was finished, work in progress.


A shot from UDK, with shadows and foliage and sand added.  This is still a WIP, there are tons of things I want to polish on this one.  Indeed, this isn’t even a good shot.  The better shots are on my other computer, I’ll have to snag them soon and post them.


Kids are so cute!

This morning my 4 year old little girl didn’t want to go to Grandma’s, so I told her to take a secret message to Grandma about her older sister’s surprise Birthday party. We’re having a fish shaped pinata at the party, so that was the message. Solemnly, my daughter promised to tell Grandma. Then she tilted her head and also promised not to let Grandma mess it up and tell her sister. I asked if she knows what a pinata is and she looked slightly offended. Her golden curls bobbed up and down as she said, “Yes! It’s one of those paper machete’s that you hit wif a stick and candy comes out!” Machete…as in the large knife used to cut jungle foliage. Ha ha ha! Kids are soooo cute! ^_^

Any artist who is having a hard time being imaginative need only play with a kid for 20 minutes. Doesn’t matter whose kid, any kid will do.

Steampunk Observatory


Made for a World of Warcraft student contest.  I used Maya, Z Brush, and Photoshop.  It was fun and quite a lot of work.  I missed the turn in date due to a misunderstanding of the actual time, but this still rocks.  I’ll be brushing up on it more later when I have more time.  Add some dirt to the glass, rough up the base a bit, add more dramatic lighting, stuff like that.

For now, enjoy.

APR Final

Well, here it is, all rendered out.  The final animation for my Animation Production class.  I think we’ll get a .mov of all the shots put together as well so that will be cool.  If we do I’ll also post it.


Animation Production Project

It’s been a while since I’ve uploaded any animations or artwork, so here goes!  This is our Animation Production project.  We each have one or two shots to animate within a longer scene.  We have a month to get prePro through final product done.  We’re on the fourth week now.  I still have plenty of tweaks to do so critiques are welcome!


Bugsy Walk

Two weeks, tons of PrePro, and waaay more to do to make it better, but even more learned.  It was a wild ride and a fun one, and this is all I have to show for it.





Juice Box Animation Final

After a lot of work, here’s the final.  There is a lot more that could be improved, but tonight is the deadline.  Critiques welcomed.  I could write a whole adventure for this project, but I don’t feel well tonight so I shall spare you, dear reader.

Atmospheric Composite


From Compositing class.  There are seven photos composited into this composition.  Lighting, perspective, and color were changed and tweaked to produce a believable piece.

Photoshop and Nuke.

3D Female


This is my first detailed human CG model.  Her feet and lower legs are a bit too small, as are her hands.   I’m sure there are several other things I can do to fix her quality.  We didn’t have to model her feet, but I’m working on that on my own time.

Modeled in Maya 2011.



Graphite on Bristol.

Our assignment was to gene splice three different animals, incubate the resulting embryo till full adulthood, then draw the resulting creature.

Just kidding.

The name of this creature:  Girfallen Rythenseth.