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CG Journeys

Modeled, Shaded, and Lit by Me in Maya, Touched Up in Photoshop

As a student a little over halfway to a Computer Animation degree from Full Sail University, this site is a way to share both my artwork and my journey into the intricate world of CG.  I intend to present my current projects as well as some personal insights into the learning and creative process so essential to success in this industry.

I’ve met many amazing and talented friends already and I look forward to meeting more.  My very first friend from Full Sail, Tyral W. gets all the credit for the artwork that decorates the top banner of my blog, and many thanks for it as well!

As a generalist with a penchant for shading and lighting, hard and organic surface modeling, and compositing, I seek to be proficient at a wide range of skills even as I begin to specialize in those few that I am most passionate about.  I would be delighted for you to join me on this adventure!