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Kids are so cute!

This morning my 4 year old little girl didn’t want to go to Grandma’s, so I told her to take a secret message to Grandma about her older sister’s surprise Birthday party. We’re having a fish shaped pinata at the party, so that was the message. Solemnly, my daughter promised to tell Grandma. Then she tilted her head and also promised not to let Grandma mess it up and tell her sister. I asked if she knows what a pinata is and she looked slightly offended. Her golden curls bobbed up and down as she said, “Yes! It’s one of those paper machete’s that you hit wif a stick and candy comes out!” Machete…as in the large knife used to cut jungle foliage. Ha ha ha! Kids are soooo cute! ^_^

Any artist who is having a hard time being imaginative need only play with a kid for 20 minutes. Doesn’t matter whose kid, any kid will do.